Brand Hridei

Hridei is about gifting right, in a beautiful, thoughtful kind of way, that brings both the recipient, and the person who is gifting, together. Hridei is also about solving a problem. Say for example a couple is getting married. The young couple are often stuck with gifts that they don’t need, or worse, sometimes with multiple toasters or bowls. The guest also doesn’t know what to gift. So a lot of people end up handing out cash, which is a cold option with no class. Gifts are about creating memories, and what Hridei does is create a on-line forum where the couple can tell their guests what gifts they will cherish, and the guests can easily fulfill these wishes online. 

Hridei offers a curated selection of high-quality gifts from world-class brands, in tie-ups with reputed retailers. All the couple has to do is open a wedding registry, the invites are then sent to the guests, and the gifts are delivered in a seamless, smooth manner, and can be tracked on line at every step.

Hridei is however more than a e-commerce platform, it is a forum for guests and families to get to know each other, and form bonds, even before the event. You could think of it as a FaceBook for weddings.

Hridei has been created with passion by a team of top-notch professionals with a proven track record in marketing, technology and innovation, to redefine gifting as a memorable experience.

Hridei Mission

To make gifting a simple and pleasurable experience for the gift-giver as well as the gift-receiver.

Hridei Logo

Hridei is made up of two words Hri from Hridei, meaning the heart, and Dei from Deity, signifying gifts from the heart with the blessings of the divine.

Our brand tagline is Gifts thoughtful. Rishte meaningful. The tagline voices our belief that if the gift is thoughtful, it will add a new, positive dimension to the relationship.