Rahul Weds Simran
Jab We Met
It was the first day of college. I walked into class and sat down, making sure that I avoided all awkward first-day-of-college conversations with other students. I thought I was successful, until this boy entered the classroom, plonking himself with a thud on the seat next to mine. “Hi! I’m Rahul! We’re gonna be friends!” I was determined not to let any of this ‘boy meets girl and …’ kind of nonsense happen to me. I tried to build a wall around me, but he kept knocking it down, one brick at a time. Each day he would come up with half a dozen original reasons and excuses for me to go out for a coffee with him. Over time, I realized I was getting addicted to coffee and Rahul, and his company, and began to cherish our conversations and time together. The rest, as they say, is history. This mad-hatter has worked his way into my heart, and now that we have decided to begin a new journey together, I would love it if you could be a witness.
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Meet Our Family
The Bride's Family
Based in Ludhiana, we a small family consisting of 5 members. Simran has just completed her course in fashion-designing in Delhi, like her elder sister who’s now working in Mumbai. Simran’s father is a business-man who, after marriage, along with his wife, decided that they loved Ludhiana and wouldn’t even dream of moving out. We are looking forward to embrace Rahul, as the new 6th member in our family.
The Groom's Family
We are originally from Chandigarh, now based in Gurgaon. Rahul is team-leader in a leading multinational, unlike his father, who retired as a Brigadier from the Army. Rahul grew up all over the country, wherever his father was posted, learning to adjust quickly in different environments. We as a family loves to travel together. We are extremely happy to welcome Simran into our fun-loving ‘Fauji ‘ family and hope to have fun with her.
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for us !
Looking forward to the wedding :)
Manju Srivastava
25 SEPT,2018
May the years ahead be filled with lasting joy <3
Vikram Soni
29 SEPT,2018
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Mansi: Congratulations on your wedding!
09:49 AM
Anaya: We're so happy for you! Wishing you lots of love and happiness.
11:52 AM
Himanshu: We like your registry, will surely purchase from it.
04:55 PM
Simran: Thanks everyone!
07:59 PM
Our Registry
You make your wishlist and add the gifts that you'll cherish.
Looking forward to your presence at our wedding, take a look at our registry and make your gift, an unforgettable part of our life.
Bose Music System
Rs. 50,513
Requested : 2 | Still Needs : 1
Four Seasons Kuda Huraa - Maldives
Rs. 1,60,000
MK gift card
Rs. 40,000
Requested : 1 | Still Needs : 1
Mont Blanc Sunglasses
Rs. 20,000
Requested : 3 | Still Needs : 1
Salvatore Ferragamo Gift card
Rs. 25,000
Requested : 3 | Still Needs : 1
Charity fund
Rs. 30,000
Set of champagne glasses Home Centre
Rs. 2,899
Requested : 2 | Still Needs : 1
Hair trimmer for pet
Rs. 2,299
Requested : 2 | Still Needs : 1
Bosch tool kit
Rs. 3,500
Requested : 2 | Still Needs : 1
Subscription Service for Pet
Rs. 2,000
Requested : 1 | Still Needs : 1
Nykaa Gift card
Rs. 5,000
Requested : 1 | Still Needs : 1
Dinner set from Home Centre
Rs. 4,000
Requested : 1 | Still Needs : 1
Bedroom set from Maspar
Rs. 6,500
Requested : 1 | Still Needs : 1
Air Jordan 7 Retro SE
Rs. 19,995
Requested : 1 | Still Needs : 1
Twain Study Table from Urban Ladder
Rs. 7,899
Requested : 1 | Still Needs : 1