Hridei Brand

Hridei  is what you desire for all the special occasions in your life – Hridei  delivers a beautiful experience which is memorable and flawless and which binds you even tighter to your family and friends. ‘Friends are the sweetest gifts in Life. When good friends give even the smallest of gifts they become vast by the power of love. The purest gift is given from the heart to the right person at the right time and at the right place.’ (3100 BC). Welcome to the Hridei  brand where we do gifting right. Hridei  offers a finely curated selection of high quality gifts from world class brands from which to select your wish list. Hridei  marketplace platform provides a seamless, high tech high touch, registering and ordering experience with functionality optimized for the young, modern Indian customer. Hridei  earns your trust by delivering world class service, personalized attention and effortless convenience with real time tracking that guarantees fulfilment of all of your expectations. The gifting event will never be the same once you try out Hridei. Our passion results in your Joy and pleasure.

Hridei Mission

To make gifting a simple and pleasurable experience for the gift giver and gift receiver.

Hridei Logo

Hridei is made up of two words Hri from Hriday meaning the heart, and Dei from Deity, signifying gifts from the heart with the blessings of the divine. Our brand tag line says Celebrate Life’s gifts. The heart with a gift wrap around it speaks for us and is your guarantee of a beautiful and perfect experience.