• Trendy Lehenga Design To Rule Indian Wedding!


    1. Cape Lehenga

    It has a choli or top which is composed into a cape. Cape lehenga will give you an alternate style an...

  • Joyful Expectation Baby Shower

    Baby Shower
    Baby shower is the celebration for wishing for a safe delivery and a healthy baby. It is the ‘showering’ of gifts upon the woman who will become a mother.
    In India...

  • Wedding Calendar Checklist

    The wedding checklist

    The wedding checklist is composed with the perfect timetable of twelve months. In case you're arranging your wedding on a shorter calendar, simply begin toward the start of the rundown and attempt to get up to speed as fast as could be allowed. Use the boxes to the left of the items to check off tasks as you finish t...

  • Plan your dream Wedding

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    Set your date

    Picking a wedding date is the first and most important decision that you will make in planning your important event. Ideally, you should pick a date six months in advance to give yourself ample time to plan fully.

    How do I pick a da...

  • Catalunya, Spain Honeymoon where Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara


    One life to live and One love to share it with. What better place than after your wedding to head to Costa Brava, Spain. There is nothing that could be in your Hridei Wishlist that Barcelona and Catalunya cannot provide by way of a honeymoon experience. Costa Brava is where Hrithik Roshan meets Katrina Kaif who falls in love with him. ...

  • Ladakh Honeymoon – The dazzling light of love on the rooftop of the world


    Discover a land so pristine that it purifies you. Explore a space so vertical that it takes your breath away. Venture into the inner space of monasteries where Time has no meaning. Your first step together brings you close to Nature, to each other and to your own self. If you want an unforgettable honeymoon experience then this is it, this is it. Where to stay: The luxury gift package at the Gran...

  • Goa – a perfect wedding destination, 365 days a year


    The wedding season is upon us! Do you have a wedding around the corner? The most interesting part of wedding planning for a couple is the honeymoon. Goa makes for a good honeymoon destination for the variety it offers. It has also been made popular by the movies that we watch on the big screen. Many movies have been shot in Goa such as the cult film ‘Dil...