Catalunya, Spain Honeymoon where Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara


One life to live and One love to share it with. What better place than after your wedding to head to Costa Brava, Spain. There is nothing that could be in your Hridei Wishlist that Barcelona and Catalunya cannot provide by way of a honeymoon experience. Costa Brava is where Hrithik Roshan meets Katrina Kaif who falls in love with him. Both are supported by Farhan Akhtar and Abhay Deol who perform the magical flamenco dance Senorita


The walk on the cliff bordering the azure sea is exhilarating and each bend opens glorious new vistas.

When you go for lunch to one of the many cafes dotting the beach you will see the sail boats and the surfers. It will remind you of the wonderful Ghazal . Woh Kagaz Ki Kashti by Jagjit Singh & Chitra Singh your honeymoon because it is the happy memories of your loves that you will treasure the most says the song. We moved to Barcelona from Costa Brava. While one could have stayed in the many hotels in the heart of the city we checked into the modern Fira Renaissance which is in the suburbs. The Barcelona subway system is fast, cheap and easy to navigate. The hotel looks simply stunning in the bright, clean golden sunlight. Be careful not to drink too much if you plan to stay in the hotel across. It looks tipsy enough! But then prepare yourself for the zaniest architectural city in the world.

La Rambla is the main drag of Barcelona. One starts with a water fountain where the fans of Barca soccer team gather at the end of each game. Legend has it that if you drink water from the fountain you will return back to the city. Here is where there are statutes to famous people, art, the history of the Spanish Civil war and the hotel that celebrities like George Orwell stayed in. Kudos to the unknown Indian couple strolling down this iconic street. Talking of art whether it is Salvatore Dali or Pablo Picasso the city museums and outdoors are an art lover’s delight.

The Four Cats bistro is where the great artist used to chill out with other members of the modernism movement. If it is Spain then one naturally thinks of bull fighting. But relax, the cultured folks of Catalunya think of themselves as the more civilized ones. After they built the stadium on the left they passed legislation forbidding bull fighting as a sport in the Catalunya region of Spain. The building faces the Montjuic water fountains which are perhaps the most beautiful fountains in the world. At night they fountains dance to the music including songs and tunes from Bollywood. If there is a King of Barcelona then it is the architect Antoni Gaudi. His mind went where imagination fears to tread. Park Guell is a good place to start.


Imagine if the guard house on the left is like the below then what the rest of the place is like. Look again at the trees. Looks can be deceiving inside the Park. The City is full of chapels and cathedrals but the Sagrada Familia is in the category of nonesuch in the world. Do take the time to do some shopping. Even if you have received everything that your heart desired from family and friends via the Hridei Gift registry even something small is appreciated. The road side vendors are very innovative and mostly from Pakistan so open to haggling. The gelato is welcome when one is walking the streets of Barcelona. Yet, while Barcelona is a modern city its roots are ancient indeed. One can go visit villages which are over a thousand years old and are carefully preserved. They are surrounded by farms and have retained their pastoral beauty over the centuries. There are magnificent forts for lovers of castles. The piece de resistance of course is Montserrat monastery which is dedicated to the Black Madonna. Did she have anything to do with Kali? You make up your mind after you read up on it. Suffice to say that the funicular train ride up the mountainside is beyond this world. You holding hands tightly with your soulmate are literally climbing up into the sky. St. Cecilia greets you there. Wait a minute. Is she wearing a sari? She looks like she could have come to your shaadi and easily mingled with the wedding guests. Do not forget to light a candle at the wall. Every marriage is a re-affirmation of love that leads to creation. The child is the father of man. Spain is a warm, friendly country. You will see touches of India everywhere from Columbus to restaurants to fabrics to arts. There are beaches, wine, great food, nature, sightseeing. It is an affordable country and barring pickpockets the tourist areas are safe. The public is supportive of tourists. Hopefully, you got a brand new camera as a Hridei wish list gift registry. You will put it to good use. Enjoy yourself!