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  • Why Hridei is for you?

    Why should I use the gift registry?

    Hridei gift registry, assists you to create and communicate your gift preferences to the wedding guests. Hridei gift registry also gives you the opportunity to desire and receive aspirational gifts with the group-gifting feature.

    What are the benefits of using the registry?

    There are several benefits of using the registry

    1. You feel happy and satisfied that you are in control and will receive gifts that you desire. You can personalize and customize your choices.
    2. The registry gives you the opportunity to desire and receive aspirational gifts with our ‘Group-gifting’ feature
    3. You are not stuck with the difficult task of storing or returning unwanted gifts for future use. Duplicate or mismatched gifts are a thing of the past with
    4. Guests can gift you in a matter of seconds; click and give, so convenient and simple
    5. No hassle for you or your guests who arrive at the wedding destination with gifts in hand. They don’t have to keep holding them till the time they get to meet you and wish you. No lost or misplaced gifts at venue
    6. On the registry page, all invitees can participate in the conversations and get to know and bond with each other ………
    7. Guests who cannot attend can still give gifts and also participate in the social interaction
    8. ensures that guests who send you gifts are sent a message of thanks
    9. Once you register for the first time,you do not have to register again. It becomes easier and faster each time
    10. You get total visibility to your relationships of giving and receiving over a lifetime.

    Why agonize if you can organize with Hridei?

    Will my guests feel that I am soliciting gifts?

    On important life occasions, gifting is a normal social practice. Friends and loved ones do not want to give the wrong gift. Gifting right adds value to the relationship. Giving cash is commercial, devoid of emotion and leaves no memories. A gift registry is welcomed by all. Across the world, especially in the United States, 99% of weddings use gift registries

    Can my guests living abroad also gift me through my registry?

    Yes, they can also use the registry to not only gift you, they can also participate in the conversations on the social page and feel part of the festivities leading up to the event. This way when folks gather, they already know each other because of the amazing relationship building platforms that provides

    How Hridei work

    What is a gift registry?

    A gift registry is an elegant way of sharing one’s registry with family members and friends

    How is a registry created?

    Simple, you select items from the online offerings and add them electronically to your registry page

    Who should register?

    The person who desires to share his/her registry should register. In case of a wedding, the groom and the bride should register jointly.The registry might also be opened by a friend or relative on behalf of say a couple who are celebrating an event

    How will my friends and family members learn about my registry?

    Once you upload the email ids of your friends and family members, Hridei will send them an email linking them directly to your registry

    What is ‘Group-gifting’?

    This feature enables you to add an expensive item which you desire, and several invitees can come together to give you that gift, which otherwise would have been difficult for you to either buy yourself, or for any one guest to give it to you

    How does this work?

    When you create your registry, you will be asked to identify items that you wish to add to the ‘Group-gifting’ category. You will also be asked to rank them in order of priority. Only one item will be ‘live’ at any point of time. This means that at one time, the guests can contribute only to the gift item that is highest on your group gifting priority-list. Once that gift item is paid for, the next item on your priority list, goes ‘live.’ This will carry on till all items in the ‘Group-gifting’ list are completed. You can also exercise the option of having other smaller items open in the general category

    What happens if the product remains partly unpaid?

    In ‘Group-gifting,’ sometimes it may happen that the entire amount is not paid for by guests for an item on your registry. In such a scenario, you can add the balance amount or Hridei will have a gift-certificate issued to you for the amount received so that you can buy an item of your choice from the same retailer

    How do I decide what products should be on ‘Group-gifting”?

    Typically people add aspirational products to the ‘Group-gifting’ category. These are items that are expensive and not likely to be purchased and gifted by a single individual

    Can I add products to my registry from other websites?

    We recommend that you add items that you access from our gallery. This has been done to ensure that you get genuine products from carefully vetted vendors. Hridei will keep adding new product categories after they have vetted the vendors

    How will the products be delivered to me?

    The products will be delivered by courier to you in the same way as all leading e-commerce companies do currently

    How will I know who has gifted what product?

    Hridei will provide you the identity of the person/s who gift you the products

    Who will be responsible for the product warranties?

    Product warranties will be the responsibility of the manufacturer of the products. Hridei will not be responsible for the same.

    What happens if the event for which I have created my registry gets cancelled?

    Vendor-return policies for items which have been delivered will apply. Any credits will accrue to the benefit of the registrant who will be responsible for transferring them back to the gifter.


    Who is the primary registrant?

    The primary registrant is the person who is celebrating the event or a designee, i.e., a designated person who is organizing the event for the honourees, so if the event is being organised for the golden anniversary of grandparents, they are the honourees.

    Who should be the co-registrant?

    The co-registrant can be your friend or a relative. In case of a wedding, the registrant can be the bride and the co-registrant can be the groom or vice-versa.

    Why is a co-registrant important?

    It is a beneficial feature of Hridei because in the case of a wedding, the groom and the bride will not be intimately familiar with the invitees from the other side

    Do I have to register again for creating a different registry?

    No,once you have registered for the first event, you do not need to register again for the next event. You can go ahead and create your new registry for a new event. It becomes faster and easier each time you use it

    How often can I modify information on my account?

    As many times as you desire

    Hridei Galleria

    The price of the product will be applicable till when?

    The price on the date, the full payment is made will be considered as final. Say you have created a registry on the 5th of April. The price for item A was Rs 3000. On say 30th April, a guest sees the registry and pays for it through the credit card. The price on that day will be considered the actual price. In case the price has become Rs 2750 the guest will pay Rs 2750. In case the price becomes Rs 3250 the guest will have to pay Rs 3250. The same will be applicable for all other items in the ‘Group-gifting’ category

    When I booked the product there was a discount on the price, but today, after sometime the discount has been withdrawn. Why?

    This has happened because this item remained unpaid during the discount period>/p>

    For how long are the prices held constant?

    The price that prevails on the day of the final payment is the actual price

    Gift Registry

    How many items should I have on my registry?

    The number of items in a registry will depend on how many guests/families you will share the registry with. At a minimum you should have one item per guest that you invite.

    What are the items I should have on my list?

    For a wedding, you may want to add items that you may require to set up a new home. If you already have all items required for setting up a home, you may want to add some aspirational products.

    What should be the value of total gifts that I should have on my registry?

    It can be any amount. What matters is that you have gifts from all price ranges.

    How will I know when a guest selects and closes the transaction?

    You will see it on the registry as a closed item. You will also receive a confirmatory email stating that the item has been closed.

    Once a product has been paid for can I modify it for another product?

    No, once a product has been paid for you will not be able to modify the registry for another product.

    How do I decide how many products should be on my registry from a particular price band?

    You are the best judge in absolute terms but relatively you should consider creating five bands. The top price band should be no more than 5%, the second price band should be 10%,the third band should be 15%, the fourth price band should be 20% and the fifth band should be 50%.This is just a thumb rule, you will obviously have to decide for yourself.

    Should I have more of lower value items on my registry or should I have few items of higher value?

    Both. The higher value items should be classified as group gifts.

    Inviting my Family and Friends

    How do I share my registry with my family and friends?

    Once you finalize, you click, and Hridei will send the emails with the link to your family and friends. You will have to upload the email ids on the “my guest” page of our website. In addition you can send the link through the wedding card

    How will I know if my guest has received the mail/SMS?

    In case the email sent by us bounces back, we will inform you. In case the SMS is not delivered,we will inform you.

    Will you send a reminder to the guests if they have not visited my registry?

    Yes,we will send a reminder to your guests

    Will you send a ‘thank you’ note on my behalf after the guest has paid for the product?

    Yes, we will send a ‘thank-you’ card to your guests once they have completed the transaction.

    Shopping Cart and Payment Gateway

    If my gifter cancels his payment how will the refund be routed to me?

    Gifts once given cannot be cancelled or taken back. Any customer-cancellation after the sale will be a dispute between the donor and the merchant

    Can my guest make cash payment at the store?

    No,he/she will have to make the payment online

    Hridei’s unqualified guarantee

    What does Hridei guarantee?

    By making products available from a curated list of partners, we ensure that the products and fulfilment services are of the highest standards

    Does Hridei take the guarantee on the product-quality?

    No,Hridei does not take guarantee of the quality of the products

    Will Hridei be responsible for the warranties on products?

    No,Hridei will not be responsible for the warranty. The manufacturer will be solely responsible for the warranties. Please read the warranty policy of the partner for details

    Who do I get in touch with in case the product is damaged?

    You will have to get in touch with the partner who has delivered the product.

    Information and Tracking

    How will I know what progress is happening on my registry?

    By visiting the “registry” page, you will be able to see the progress. You will be able to see which products have been paid for, which items are still open and also the status of the Group-gifting items

    How will I get to know if the price of a particular product changes on my registry?

    We recommend that you periodically check the registry and visit the product page

    If a particular item goes out of stock, how will I know about it?

    Hridei will track and provide notification.

    Who are we?

    What is Pinata?

    A corporate holding entity whose mission is that business should be fun.

    What are the values Hridei stands by?

    The Mahabharata says, “Friends are the sweetest gifts in life. When good friends give even the smallest of gifts,they become vast by the power of love. The purest gift is given from the heart to the right person, at the right time, at the right place.” At Hridei, we celebrate life’s gifts of relationships.

  • How do I find a registry?

    You can click on the link in the invitation mail sent to you by your relative/friend

    Is my personal information safe?

    Yes, it is completely safe. Hridei will not share any personal information with a third party

    Is my credit card information secure?

    Hridei does not store any information about your debit/credit card. Hridei has tied up with companies who follow international and national practices on keeping the information secure

    Who will be responsible for the warranties on the products?

    Hridei will not be responsible for the warranty. The manufacturer or service provider will be solely responsible for the warranties. Please read the warranty policy of the partner for details

    How will the gift-receiver know how much I have contributed to the ‘Group-gift’?

    Hridei will provide the details to the gift-receiver.

    How will I know whether the product has been delivered?

    You will get an email or SMS message from the company whose product/service you have gifted

    Can I cancel my order after I have made the payment?

    This will depend on the company whose product/service you have gifted. Please read their cancellation policy on their website