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Himalaya e-Gift Voucher

Himalaya e-Gift Voucher

The Himalaya Drug Company was established in the 1930s, with a view of producing health tonics and pills. Today, Himalaya produces organic, skin-friendly shampoos, hand-sanitizers, lotions, tonics and much more that are used daily in many homes. A gift voucher from Himalaya speaks volumes to your gift recipient; it speaks of your care and thoughtfulness.

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Terms of Use

  1. This Gift Card can be redeemed only at participating exclusive Himalaya Outlets. For store locator please visit Himalaya website.
  2. This e-gift card is redeemable only once and should be used in full.
  3. The e-gift card cannot be used to purchase another e-gift card.
  4. E-gift card can also be clubbed with other promotions available on the website at that time.
  5. If the order value exceeds the e-gift card amount, the balance must be paid by the other payment modes.
  6. E-Gift Cards are normally delivered instantly. But sometimes due to system issues, the delivery can be delayed up-to 24 hours.
  7. No returns and no refunds on gift cards, E- gift cards and gift cards shipped by woohoo.in. Please check the refund policy at http://www.woohoo.in/faq for further details.