The Indian Etiquette of Gifting Right

The search for wedding gift ideas for the newly married couple can become a daunting task and often a frustrating experience. It’s beyond one’s know as to what the couple’s idea of the best wedding gift is. Confused, many take recourse to the hackneyed idea of gifting cash in a brightly-coloured envelope. That may be pragmatic, more so in India, but it ends up making the bond between and couple and the guests look like a mercantile affair. More importantly, how many people remember the last cash gift that one got and the amount? Cash does not show any effort or love poured in by close friends and relatives in choosing gifts for a newlywed couple.
On the other hand, an unwanted gift may end up in a storeroom and a plethora of these become a logistical nightmare for the newlyweds and their families.So, how can one give or receive a gift without such hassles? Are there ways to make gifting a bonding experience for the newlyweds and their family and friends? The simple answer is to have an interactive conversation which reveals the newlyweds interests and the guests budget and ideas. Convergence leads to a lifelong memorable gift.
In this digital era it is easy to facilitate such a social engagement; look no further than to your computer; go to the internet to see portals like the best wedding gift social registry that makes gifting into the interactive experience that it is. Everyone who is online can suggest wedding gift ideas to both the givers and the recipients and make ‘gifting’ a fun experience. In an easy to follow regimen, the couple celebrating their wedding or anniversary would have to create an online wedding registry at Here they can add a wish list of unique wedding gifts for couples they would like to receive from friends and relatives based on everyone’s inputs and their likes.
The list could be exhaustive; ranging from kitchen stuff to dazzling diamonds; of all price ranges and myriad varieties. More importantly, even an experience like a travel package or a spa in a five-star resort can be added to it as a unique, honeymoon wedding gift for bride and groom.
The e-link to the wedding gift registry would be sent to all the invitees well before the event so they can pick their gift from the wedding gift registry and buy it online. The wedding gifts for newly married couple in India will be home delivered by respective vendors.
The wedding gift registry system would effectively tone down the fat and chaos from an Indian wedding; it would make the wedding receptions look elegant events. The guests would no longer be anxious to offload their wedding gift on the newlyweds by crowding in front of the dais where the couple is seated waiting for their turn. The newlyweds too would not look tired of incessantly posing for the cameras while receiving strange gifts from the guests. Instead of a festive chaos, the wedding registry system will make the occasion a memorable and an enjoyable experience for all.
More importantly, long after they have settled into their new life, the couple will continue to cherish this unique gift they had wished through the wedding registry list.
By opting for the wedding gift registry newly married couples in India can make unique gifts from their friends and relatives a memorable part of their new life as married couples. Life can never get simpler and more beautiful than this!