Joyful Expectation Baby Shower

Baby Shower
Baby shower is the celebration for wishing for a safe delivery and a healthy baby. It is the ‘showering’ of gifts upon the woman who will become a mother.
In India baby shower is known as Godh Bharai which actually implies filling the lap of the expecting mother with plenitude. From Vedic times it is also known as Seemantham. A musical instrument would be played and it is now a scientific fact that babies can hear sounds inside the womb.
This event is normally celebrated after the fruition of seventh month, when the child and mother are considered to have gone into a protected zone.

Godh bharai is a great time for the family to meet up and celebrate. You can also commend your godh bharai with other mums-to-be in your family. Here are a couple of tips to enable you to make the occasion extra special.

Tips for fun baby shower

  • Usually a friend or a family member will take the lead in organizing the event. Stay in touch with would be Mom and get inputs from her at each step of the way.
  • Take a notebook and record your innovative baby shower thoughts. Additionally, set up a schedule for the shower in view of needs. This incorporates decoration, cake, invitations, games, venue and beverages etc
  • It is a smart idea to get enough rest before the event as it might get tiring.
  • Keep the program short and sweet. The pregnant mother may think that it’s hard to sit for extended periods of time
  • You might need to choose a dress for the event as per the climate. Dress should be comfortable.
  • Order for a special baby shower cake that resembles party themes.
  • Set up the list of guests and keep it updated with the goal that you won’t miss anyone. Choose a customized baby shower invitation and design it with a personal message for all of your guests.
  • Make a theme for your Baby shower and design invitations based on your party theme.
  • You may likewise need to give little tokens of gratitude like stoles, earring, bangles, bindis, beauty care products as return blessings.
  • Organize the event according to your number of guests. The event location should be spacious and easy to reach. No high steps for the bride to climb or long walkways.
  • Create a gift registry with all desired gifts that the new mom might need and guide the guests so that they can purchase right.
  • If you want to entertain the guests here are the few activities that you can include in your event.
  • Hire a few mehendi artists who can apply mehndi on the hands of your guests.
  • Arrange for interactive and interesting games that can make the whole event a lot of fun. Avoid noise that can scare the baby inside the womb.

Baby shower gift ideas

Baby shower gifts would be for the baby but remember that the mom deserves to be pampered too. Nowadays baby shower gift registry are trending in the market. A few days before your baby shower mom and dad together can create a gift registry, make sure to add all the products that they think they will need for their newborn and input to the organizer. It is a hassle free experience. Gift registry gives a completely new direction to gift sharing.
Hridei, is a chic innovative registry that is changing how Indian couples share wish lists and guests buy gifts. Hridei gives you the freedom to choose gifts and experiences from the best brands in India. These products have been carefully curated from different brands (Mothercare and Maspar) and categories keeping in mind your discerning taste.
Hridei gift registry also gives you the opportunity to desire and receive aspirational gifts with the group gifting feature. You can add high-value gifts to your registry and your guests can “pool in” their contributions and gift you the desired item.