Ladakh Honeymoon – The dazzling light of love on the rooftop of the world


Discover a land so pristine that it purifies you. Explore a space so vertical that it takes your breath away. Venture into the inner space of monasteries where Time has no meaning. Your first step together brings you close to Nature, to each other and to your own self. If you want an unforgettable honeymoon experience then this is it, this is it. Where to stay: The luxury gift package at the Grand Dragon LehWe stayed at the Grand Dragon and it is the crème de la crème experience in Leh. The hotel, food and service is exceptional. Also

ladakh-2Hotel Glacier View has the value and convenient location where one can step out and be in the lanes of Leh, reminiscent of the Old Silk Road, with small shops selling great pashminas and other wedding gifts for yourself. Our host, Ravi Badam, the genial owner, is ever smiling and so helpful. More at Khan and the Three Idiots were right. Unbounded love is Celebrate the beginning of your marital bliss by ending to be found only at Pangong Lake. Just you and your loved one. your honeymoon trip by visiting the Shanti stupa at sunset. Ladakh has a lot to offer for those looking to celebrate something special. If you truly want a fun adventure then check out our favorite Rahul Ogra at Mystic Himalayan Trails Rahul is an environmentalist and works for several prominent Western NGOs. Ladakh does need advance planning so do give yourself lead time.