Plan your dream Wedding

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Set your date

Picking a wedding date is the first and most important decision that you will make in planning your important event. Ideally, you should pick a date six months in advance to give yourself ample time to plan fully.

How do I pick a date that works for everyone and is still be special to me? Factors may range from family constraints to cultural alignment determined by traditions such as a priest or an astrologer to practical constraints on the availability of a favored venue. You may ask yourself, “How would I pick a date that works for everybody and is still exceptional to me? For each couple, the process is totally exceptional and that is a piece of what makes your wedding date so unique to you.


Weather is important and will set the mood, especially important for keepsake photographs. Do not pick dates that overlap with crunch time such as year end or tax season or when folks fast or even clashing with board exams. What most folks overlook is that the wedding date becomes the anniversary date which you will celebrate each year. So pick a date that can be made memorable each year with an easy getaway or some other fun couple activity.

Working backward from the date to prioritize which things need to be taken care of right away will help keep things progressing and keep you from panicking and freezing. You may have a thought of where you imagine yourself strolling down the passageway or what you need your dress to look like which brings one to the next item which is the venue.


Choose a venue


The decision of where a wedding should happen is not as simple as a couple tying the knot might want it to be. Gone are the days where a couple would choose the one wedding scene closest to their place and after that mark it off the wedding arranging list. Picking a wedding date may appear like an assignment comprising just of enjoying a space or not, but rather in all actuality there is much more to consider than that.

Before settling on a venue the couple needs to keep a few things in mind such as estimating your guest count, total budget, location, atmosphere, services, capacity of venue etc. Logistics of parking including valet or self parking, close by accommodation for out of town guests, any restrictions of food or vendors or total count should be researched. Audio visual and wifi functionality is a plus. Asking for references is a good idea as also examining and comparing any contract in advance.

Make registry

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Gift giving and receiving is an important binding ritual in a wedding. Thankfully, in a few simple steps a couple can create their registry and experience the journey of getting priceless and useful gifts. Wedding registry solves many problem in one go. From Mark the Date to Inviting guests to the wedding to arranging your gifts, everything is organized by a weddingregistry. Hridei, is a chic innovative wedding registry that is changing how Indian couples share wish lists and guests buy wedding gifts. Hridei gives you the freedom to choose gifts and experiences from the best brands in India. These products have been carefully curated from different categories keeping in mind your discerning taste.

Hridei gift registry also gives you the opportunity to desire and receive aspirational gifts with the group gifting feature. You can add high value gifts to your registry and your guests can “pool in” their contributions and gift you the desired item.

On the social page, all your invitees can participate in the conversations/banter and get to know and bond with each other. The excitement starts building even before the event. You can post photos and videos and make your page special. Guests who cannot attend can also participate in the social play and be part of the celebrations.

Design your look

plan-your-dream-wedding-img5When you imagine yourself on the huge day, what do you see? Something sensational? Spectacular? Ethereal? Each extraordinary lady of the hour merits an impeccable dress that will suit her uncommon needs and special taste! Basically start by finding what subtle elements you adore, styles of dresses that are in trend and that will suit you best on your big day. Have a back up outfit ideally. Prepare for your wedding with as little stress which is only possible if you plan ahead. Careful practices brings about promising results. Perfect and flawless skin for your day is key ingredient, have sparkle and excitement in your eyes, pick your perfect cosmetics, makeup beauty consultant and you are ready to rock your day. Always remember you are beautiful in your own way, and it’s your big day.

Enjoy your day

As of now you followed every single point in your plan for your dream wedding so now all you need is to make the most of your big day with loved ones. Fill your heart with joy noteworthy to everybody.

Hridei wishes you the best for your upcoming nuptials. Do visit and the FB page to stay in touch with the latest trends in Wedding celebrations.