Wedding Presents not to give your Best Friend

Your best friend’s wedding is not just the most special day of their life but certainly one of the most important days of your life too. This is the time when you really have to push the boundaries to prove that you truly deserve the title of ‘best friend’ that was bestowed upon you a decade ago. Along with several other gestures and undivided attention, your soon to be married best friend is also expecting a gift that is nothing short of perfect. While you know them best, here’s a list of gifting options we think you should definitely not opt for:
1. Home appliances
Ovens, air conditioners, washing machines, etc. are a strict no-no. These items are acceptable when given by the 50 plus age group of relatives whose creativity ends at utility. Think out side the box and don’t step inside the home appliance section of the store.
2. Something ridiculously expensive
You would happily spend a fortune on that Fendi bag your friend eyes each time you go to the mall or that watch they have always wanted in their collection. After all, this is a once in a lifetime occasion. But think about it this way- showering them with such an expensive item also puts immense pressure on them to return the favor when it’s your big day. So, we suggest reducing the price, and increasing the effort instead.
3. Flowers
Please don’t be lazy and walk in with a bouquet like one of their tayaji’s son’s wife’s brother. As lovely as flowers are, they are going to get you the most disappointed, ‘et tu, Brute?’ kind of looks from your best friend.
4. Second-hand gifts
Your parents will be very pleased with you if you pick a gift item from the storeroom in the back of your house. But you know who won’t be pleased and will instantly spot the guilt on your face? Your best friend.
5. Best wishes
They know you love them with all your heart and will take a bullet for them, but reach their wedding empty-handed and see what happens next. At the least, you better brace yourself for a lifetime of taunts.
6. Cash/Lifaafa
Cash is cold. It’s useful all right, but gifting your best friend a bundle of cash on their wedding is a little too practical. You may have logical arguments in favor of this one, but we say, throw logic out the window, and get them something straight from the heart.
While these are a few ideas you should stay away from, we have on offer several gifting items that your friend will remember and treasure for life. Take your own sweet time to choose the most special present. After all, it’s your best friend’s wedding!